Find more about locks and keys by checking out the following answers to FAQ here below! Very interesting

Who knows what to do when keys are broken or simply get stuck in the lock? Issues related to either keys or locks are difficult and can make your life hard and insecure. Time to answer a few of your questions! Check here the best answers to FAQ about keys and locks

Should I force turning my key if ever it gets difficult to turn?

It is recommended not to. Doing this may break your key inside the lock and have the other half stuck inside. Once your key doesn't fit in the lock, this issue may happen and it is advisable that you have it rekeyed to get the right pin height needed for your lock.

The key I’m using suddenly stopped working, what's the possible problem?

The problem is probably your lock. It could either be seized or dry and would require lubrication. It is also possible that both your key and lock have worn over the years. For worn out keys we can cut a new key or lubricate the lock to save on the costs. We do recommend upgrading older locks and so keep up with nowadays' security standards.

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