Accident Story - I Lost My Car Keys Twice in a Day

Accident Story - I Lost My Car Keys Twice in a Day

Clients often need our locksmith services twice a day and thanks to our organization we help in a timely fashion

It was supposed to be an ordinary day. I was supposed to visit quite a few clients and get several things for the house since Christmas was almost here. Since I have never lost my chip car keys before, I never paid that much attention to them, I just know they are in my pocket or purse. That morning, however, I couldn't find them. I called everyone I visited till that point, but the keys were nowhere to be found. Did I drop them? Were they stolen? I couldn't say with certainly. Oh, well, I thought things like that happen to everybody and now it was my turn. I just felt lucky I had the number of Locksmith Bartlett with me.

One of the company's technicians met me by my car ten minutes later. It was a pleasure to see him arrive so fast even during traffic hour and I also appreciated his knowledge and kindness. He told me not to worry, opened the locked car so I wouldn’t get cold and then made me a new key and had it programmed. The service didn't take long at all. I was happy I was on my way again and planning the rest of my day. I was done with my client rounds for the day and it was time for some shopping before heading home. When I got out of the mall, I reached in my purse to get my new transponder key, but it wasn't there. I stopped and searched some more, looked in my pockets and through my shopping bags.

I couldn't believe it! My car keys were missing AGAIN!

Twice in one day. It wasn't just the money that I would spend to make two chip keys, but the frustration of the whole situation. I called the company back and asked to talk to the same guy that helped me that morning. He called me back in minutes and the poor guy thought that something went wrong with the key he made me. I told him: “remember me? I need a new car key!” He thought I was joking. I explained that I wasn't and would need his help as soon as possible again. This time I asked him to make me two new keys just to be sure I will get home alright. This was a really strange day and I must say that the fast help of this technician is what kept me from getting very, very upset. He was great, quick and also a tease.

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