Understanding Door Lock Ratings

Understanding Door Lock Ratings

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When it comes to lock replacement, you would want to buy a device which will keep your home or office highly secure while being perfectly reliable and durable. You should definitely compare different products to pick the best one. It makes perfect sense to evaluate all features and capabilities carefully and to read reviews as well. But what about ratings? How informative and helpful are they? Find out everything which you must know before you go shopping.Understanding Door Lock Ratings

Choice Based on Reliable Information

The most important thing which you need to keep in mind is that the ratings are independent. They come from independent organizations rather than from the manufacturer. If the manufacturer makes certain claims, they must be backed with appropriate warranty. The independent rating organizations, on the other hand, perform tests on existing door lock models and share the results in a systematized manner.

There are several main types of tests which are done on all door locksets regardless of their design or make. The first one is the cycle test. A cycle involves the complete turning of the knob so that the latch is fully retracted and the release of the knob so that the latch can go back into place. The higher the number of cycles a device can perform the more durable and dependable it is.

The strike and weight tests are also among the main ones which are performed. They show how many strikes a locking device can withstand and how many pounds of weight it can resist. The higher these numbers are the better. In general, it is important to look into the actual numbers instead of just checking the overall rating before you make a choice and opt for new lock installation. You have to have a clear idea of what to expect.    

There are also independent organizations which perform picking and drilling tests as well. These show how resistant to these attempts for opening the devices are. It is worth pointing out that the results should be used primarily for comparison rather than for evaluating the level of security which the devices can provide. This is because it is possible for thieves to use more advanced methods for picking and drilling and still get in.

Finally, you should base the choice which you make only on the ratings provided by widely recognized independent organizations which have impeccable reputation. You have to ensure that everything will be perfect when it comes to lock change.

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